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CF8M Trunnion Ball Valves, Class 600, 3 Inch
Body: ASTM A351 CF8M
Trim: ASTM A182 F316
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- What is the anti-fire structural design of trunnion mounted ball valve?
- The installation, maintenance and replacement for the Y-type strainer
- Cone strainers and strainer backwash model description
- The installation, maintenance and replacement for the Y-type strainer
- Metal seated ball valve laser cladding

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 How to choose the right strainer? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

strainer types. There are many forms in accordance with the structure and appearance can be divided into Y type strainersT-type strainerbasket strainer, etc. Material can be divided into stainless steel Y-strainer, steel Y-type strainers, according to the aperture size can be divided into large-caliber Y-strainer and small-caliber Y-type strainers, etc., how to choose the right strainer it? The following aspects should be considered:
1) The strainer medium of choice.
First, the chemical name in accordance with the fluid to be strainered, depending on the chemical with contraindications to find available strainers, then for its operating temperature, operating pressure, pH, operating conditions (eg, whether the need to withstand steam, hot water or chemical sterilization etc.), individual assessment, and does not apply the strainer removed. Use is also an important consideration, strainer such as medicine, food or cosmetic use of the material must be FDA permitted; ultra-pure water must be pure, does not contain emissions will affect the ratio of the impedance of the strainer; strainer gas shall be selection of hydrophobic material and whether "health level strainer" design and so on.
2) To determine the accuracy of strainers.
This is one of the most vexing problems. For example, to remove visible particles, to use 25 micron strainer; to remove the liquid cloud-like, to use 1 or 5 micron strainer; you need to strainer out the smallest bacterial 0.2 micron strainer. The problem is that there are two filtration units precision: absolute precision / nominal accuracy
Absolute accuracy is the particle strainer out 100% of the accuracy of a label. Any kind of strainer, this is almost an impossible and impractical, since 100% is a infinite value. The market known as absolute strainers such as films, etc., strictly speaking, can only be called "close to absolute" strainers, while others belong to the nominal accuracy, nominal accuracy, this is the main trouble lies: "Nominal Accuracy We do not have a common recognized and executable standard. " That A company can be set at a nominal accuracy of 85-95%, while Company B would rather set at 50-70%. In other words, a company of 25-micron strainer accuracy of Company B may be equal to 5 microns, or finer. On this issue, experienced professional strainer supplier can help the most suitable strainer, but the fundamental solution is to "try."
3)According to the temperature at which the viscosity of the strainer, professional strainer equipment suppliers can calculate the size of the strainer, the number of branch strainer installed, each cartridge can bear, and predict a flow rate of primary pressure drop. If it can provide a fluid impurities, and even estimated life.
4) Filtration system of design.
This may involve a wider scope, such as the selection of a pressure source, how much pressure to apply the strainer life completely, whether two sets of strainers in parallel, to fit the continuity of the operation of the system, for a wide particle size distribution How should the occasion with a coarse strainer and fine strainer, the system whether check valve or other devices, and so on. These require the use of units with strainer suppliers worked together to identify the most appropriate design.
Should you want to know more about strainer from Reliable China ball valve manufacturer, please visit www.reliavalve.com or email us via sales@reliavalve.com.
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 Factors affecting the performance of fully welded ball valve weld shape Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Factors Affecting fully welded ball valve weld shape, performance there are many, but the most important for a number of welding parameters and welding conditions, the impact of all-welded ball valve weld shape, the performance of the main welding parameters welding current, arc voltage welding speed, wire diameter, etc., the impact of the valve weld welding conditions mainly weld groove shape, clearance and flux and wire piled high, the tip and the work piece inclination, etc., as we explain in detail below:
First, the impact of fully welded ball valve welding parameters on weld shape, performance
(1) The welding current. When other conditions remain unchanged, deep penetration welding current is proportional to the change in current, melt depth, height and width than inadequate; the current is too large, deep penetration, reinforcement is too large, easy to produce high-temperature cracking.
(2)The arc voltage. It is proportional to the arc voltage and arc length, arc voltage and the same welding current, if the choice of different flux, the arc electric field intensity is different, different arc length. When other conditions remain unchanged, the arc voltage is low, deep penetration, narrow weld width, is easy to produce hot cracks; arc voltage is high, the weld width increases, more than high enough. Submerged arc voltage is adjusted based on the welding current, i.e., the welding current must be to maintain a certain arc welding arc it possible to ensure stable combustion, so the range of variation of the arc voltage is limited.
(3) Welding speed. Welding speed has an impact on the penetration and weld width, usually inversely proportional to the depth of penetration and weld width and weld speed. Welding speed on the weld cross-sectional shape also affect the general welding speed is too small, the molten metal volume, poor weld; welding speed is large, the amount of molten metal inadequate, prone to undercut. The actual welding, in order to increase productivity, improve the welding speed while arc power must increase in order to ensure that the weld quality.
(4) Wire diameter. Welding current, arc voltage and the welding speed is constant, the depth of penetration is inversely related to the wire diameter, but the inverse relationship with the increase and decrease of the current density.
Second, the impact of fully welded ball valve welding conditions on weld form.
(1) The weld groove shape, the gap effect. In other conditions, while increasing the groove depth and width of weld penetration increases, weld width decreased slightly, reinforcement significantly reduced.
(2)The impact of the high flux reactor. High flux reactor shall ensure that the filament buried around the arc, generally 25 ~ 40mm. When using solder bonding or sintering flux, the dry density, high flux reactor higher than the melting flux of 20% to 50%. High Flux Reactor larger weld reinforcement bigger, more shallow penetration.
(3) Wire, dip the tip and the work piece has a greater impact on the weld. In the fully welded ball valve welding process, we should try to ensure that tip, the wire vertical dry surface.
Should you want to know more about ball valve from Reliable China ball valve manufacturer, please visit www.reliavalve.com or email us via sales@reliavalve.com.
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 V-type ball valve in the regulation System Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently, a chemical plant of the user phone call asking, conditioning system in their plant equipment using the original valve seat, no 3.8MPa steam, adjust the system is stable; increase 3.8MPa steam, the steam turbine coupled with the opening stop, original valve cannot meet the requirements, in particular in:
1) V-type ball valve leakage volume, closed lax, resulting in valve in a small opening, poor regulation characteristics.
2) V-type ball valve body vibration, noise is high.
3) V-ball valve fluid flow rate is high, the long-term erosion of the V-type ball valve stem up and down vibration severe, resulting in the stem and the valve plug Disconnect, a direct result of the steam cannot pass valve.
In order to solve the above problems, a technician to the site to view and analyze the process conditions and the characteristics of various types of  V-type ball valve, and finally decided to replace the original V-type ball valve seat, valve seat suited to use in the above case because the channel complex, large flow resistance, a small adjustable range; stem up and down movement of the spool poor stability, vibration. V-type ball valve stroke than a straight valve has great advantages which is composed of V-type ball valve structure decisions, V-type ball valve spool eccentric structure in the structure, in addition to the closed position, the core seat does not touch the remaining positions, reducing the wear and tear, the valve once opened to disengage the seat, reducing the operating torque, while the spool exclusive V-shaped opening may well ensure that the valve regulating performance in a small opening to solve the linear actuator valve in a small opening operating characteristics of a bad problem, V-type ball valve flow path is simple, straight-through single, small flow resistance, large tuning range, flow-open valve pressure recovery coefficient is higher than the valve seat is more applicable to the case of the occurrence of cavitation , V-type spool valve stem movement of rotation and linear movement of the valve compared to overcome the large pressure difference, which is 2.5 to 10 times straight trip valve in solving high temperature problems, V-type ball valve just hard soft elastic sealing solutions combine core seat due to hold at high temperature expansion card problem, while using high temperature resistant filler stem to ensure the reliability of sealing at high temperatures.
After a period of proof, V-type ball valve regulating fast response, wide flow range control, basically no vibration, noise is significantly reduced, eliminating the hazards present in the system.
Should you want to know more about ball valve, such as trunnion ball valve from China valve manufacturer, please visit www.reliavalve.com or send email to sales@reliavalve.com.

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 Metal seated ball valve nickel-based alloy thermal spray technology Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Metal seated ball valve nickel-based alloy thermal spraying is a sealed surface hardening method currently on the metal seated ball valve of successful applications, nickel-based alloy wear and corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc., its excellent overall performance, according to our practice, nickel based alloys for gray water, black water, coal slurry, cinder and other media working conditions.
Nickel-based alloy is a fusion of gold since the main components include nickel, chromium, boron, silicon, which is the main component of nickel, a binder is wear-resistant material and the substrate material, depending on the ratio of ingredients, you can get different hardness, Metal seated ball valve commonly used HRC55 ~ 64 hardness. Through the high temperature matrix material and nickel-based alloy material is heated, enabling the substrate and the sealing surface of the wear-resistant materials to achieve metallurgical bonding, therefore, metal seated ball valve nickel-based alloy thermal spraying with high bonding strength characteristics. Compared with HVOF, another advantage of nickel-based alloy thermal spray coating thickness is larger, generally 0.5 ~ 1.0mm.
For thermal spray metal seated ball valve nickel-based alloy coating process for bonding substrates and nickel-based alloy material has a great influence, control the ball and the heating temperature nickel-based alloys is very important, the temperature is too low, the base material and the nickel based alloy material can not realize metallurgical bonding, prone to shedding of the coating material. The temperature is too high, it will result in the loss of melt nickel-based alloy material. For large-diameter sphere, since the thickness of each part of the ball is very uneven, therefore, to be precise uniform heating temperature control of the ball is very difficult, which is the main difficulty of nickel-based alloy thermal spraying, for which we have taken the medium frequency induction Sphere heating patented technology, and achieved good results.
Should you want to know more about ball valve from Reliable China valve manufacturer, please visit www.reliavalve.com or email us via sales@reliavalve.com.

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 Metal seated ball valve HVOF technology (HVOF) Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Metal seated ball valve HVOF (HVOF) mainly through a high speed abrasion resistant powder coating material is sprayed onto the substrate surface, air velocity spraying largely determines the quality of spraying, the gun can produce more high flow velocity, the wear-resistant powder coating can achieve higher velocity, so wear powder coating and the substrate material can be obtained higher binding strength and higher density, therefore better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Advantages of Metal seated ball valve supersonic spray coating can be sprayed superhard materials, coating hardness can even reach HRC74 or more, so the coating has good resistance to abrasion and wear resistance properties. Further, when the supersonic spraying, the substrate material is heated to high temperatures is not required, therefore the matrix material is not thermally deformed. Because physical seal valve HVOF mainly through high-speed impact wear powder coating and the substrate material to produce a combination of bonding strength than the thermal sprayed nickel-based alloys are lower, usually combined force of about 68 ~ 76MPa, therefore For high-pressure metal seated ball valve (eg CLASS1500 ~ CLASS2500 the ball) ball, using supersonic spray coating has come off its technology may be in use.
For metal seated ball valve HVOF (HVOF), coating performance indicators are mainly the following aspects: porosity, oxide content, the hardness, bonding strength, metallurgical structure, the coating stress conditions, the coating processability, coating uniformity.
Common metal seated ball valve HVOF materials: tungsten, cobalt, tungsten, cobalt-chromium, nickel-based alloys, chromium carbide, ceramics. Tungsten, cobalt and tungsten carbide cobalt chrome temperature generally does not exceed 540 ℃, to be applied to a higher temperature, typically sprayed chromium carbide and ceramic materials may be used.
Taking into account the binding force of a supersonic metal seated ball valve sprayed and spraying costs, the thickness of the coating layer is generally controlled at about 0.3mm, in order to ensure uniformity of the coating, the roundness of the ball before spraying and spray uniformity is very important, general the need to ensure the roundness by grinding balls before spraying, using computer-controlled robot to gun control to ensure uniformity of the coating, and the use of artificial methods to control the gun is difficult to ensure uniformity of the coating.
Should you want to know more about ball valve, such as trunnion ball valve from Relia Valve, please visit www.reliavalve.com or email us via sales@reliavalve.com.

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